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December 2018

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Nah is like (vào youtube ủng hộ Nah- đọc cái dòng ở dưới clip)

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Nah is like (vào youtube ủng hộ Nah- đọc cái dòng ở dưới clip)

Bài gửi by HD on Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:06 pm

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Life is like a broken circle
Different day same shit ain't nothing gonna change
You wake up you go to sleep you wake up you go to sleep
Until one day you sleep and never gonna wake up again
To live and die with a heart full of pain
In the end nobody give a fuck it's all a part of the plan ha
Nah is like the missing link in the circle
Life becomes heaven when I'm being verbally purple
My Downfall and my Awakening were for the Vietnamese
Now I'm going international
Representin' Viet pride as being intellectually rational

Nah is all about that deep shit
Like the street with morals you know it's strictly business
The underground concerts, the sold out CDs
Saigon Vietnam I hold down my city
Nah is like, half living and half dead
I tell you all the truth like a man in his last breath
That you are just another slave of the system
No matter what party you in, there is no freedom
Being cool is your state of mind
Wear chains on your neck like a slave of rhyme
Try to shine, but it was all a waste of time
I'm so fast to get cash, it's the pace of mine
While you sittin there and puff slow
It's the game of money that got everybody struggle
End of the story, I solve the puzzle
Check mate, crack the safe so respect the hustle

Hip hop might not be dead, it's still in Saigon, right here
And you know they say I'm like the Viet version of Nas

Hold up, I ain't tryin to jack his name though
The opposite of yes a different way of sayin no
Nah is like the answer to gold diggers
Phony bitches, wankstas and bold wiggas
The sign on the street: "nah passing through"
So don't cross me, that's what they be asking you
I'm like the old scriptures, written to mold leaders
The legendary Kong Ming that go to war witcha
Mad at me? Go head and hate me now
My name is "Son"/sun, so you can never take me down
See you a fan of my last song, but now you a hater
Like the zombie I'm coming straight outta the graveyard
Half living half dead I ain't being sarcastic
If hip hop is dead then I'ma live in the casket
The manifestation of the realest and illest
Wear a vest, if you really listening to this music

For ya'll that don't know
English is not my first language
So let me kick some of my Vietnamese rap for ya'll

Bay h thi Nah la gi
Nah la gio, Nah la may, Nah tu do, di ve day
Rap tieng anh rap tieng viet, tao deu co, cho may bay
Van de la dang cap, tao noi ro cho may hay
Tuc nuoc vo bo, tao se flow nhu la nuoc chay
Tham sau vao dat nuoi song co hoa va cay
Mai sat roi nen kim, tao se flow nhu la lua chay
Kim moc thuy hoa tho tu lai ve tai day
Much respect to Emancipator

Dâm thần hữu hiện,Sống vì tình dục,Chết vì tình dục.
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Mem có nhiều đóng góp
Mem có nhiều đóng góp

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